RESURRECTED BY . . .
 The story goes Only a Good, Honest, Pure of heart man can
 pull the mighty "sword" from the stone.  Xcaliber Auto
 Restorations was built on that premise.  Integrity, Honesty and a
 high standard of quality are what goes into our award winning
 restorations.  Passion for the automobile is the driving force of our
 business.  We at Xcaliber love cars, no matter what make, color or
 breed, it is our Passion.  Every vehicle from just a repaint to a full-
 blown body-off restoration gets the same attention.
 We are ICAR and ASE certified with more than 30 years of
 combined experience.  Our staff "understands" the automobile.
 We strive for perfection and satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide
 high quality at an affordable price while maintaining our "average
 Joe" restoration shop.  Classics, muscle cars, race, factory original
 or modern customs, WE DO IT ALL.  We not only restore cars, but paint
 bikes, gas pumps, snowmobiles, etc.  Just ask!
 The cars that have been sitting in your garages for years because you
 can't afford the "high priced" shops is what we are looking for.  Our
 sole reward is the many smiles we bring to our satisfied clients.  In fact,
 we even get some smiles from their "wives" too, because of our
 affordable prices.  That in itself is the best reward of all.
 Xcaliber Auto Restoration has been voted one of the top 100 restoration
 shops in the country by Corvette Fever Magazine.
 We at Xcaliber have a customer friendly, "open door" policy.   You as
 our client should be involved in every step of the way, after all, it is
 your car.  You will get a firm price on the job.  We don't charge by
 time and materials, but after the car has been paint stripped and
 disassembled, you will get an actual number with no surprises.
 Xcaliber will do restorations from start to finish, or, you can do some
 the labor first to save money.  A lot of clients like to take their cars
 apart and reassemble themselves.
 Only top of the line PPG products and materials are used for our
 restorations. NO SHORT CUTS, NO CHEAP no-name brands ever
 used here!  Our final product shows that.  Guaranteed!
 As for the story . . . King Arthur and his knights live in bliss for many
 years riding their horses through Camelot.  Let us help you to achieve
 this by riding your steel (or fiberglass) horses around town!
                               Thank you,
           Xcaliber Auto Restorations - A Cut Above the Rest!